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Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson hit more threes than 13 other teams

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson aren’t called the “Splash Brothers” just because it’s a cool nickname. No. It’s because they make it rain.

Last season, Curry had 402 three pointers while Thompson had 276. Collectively, the two teammates combined for a total of 678 threes.

Reddit user pointed out that the Golden State Warriors‘ backcourt tandem had more threes than the Milwaukee Bucks (440), Memphis Grizzlies (504), Miami Heat (498), Minnesota Timberwolves (455), Brooklyn Nets (531), New York Knicks (610), Orlando Magic (636), San Antonio Spurs (570), Chicago Bulls (651), Los Angeles Lakers (639), Indiana Pacers (663), Sacramento Kings (660), and Denver Nuggets (656).

That’s a whopping total of 13 teams which is almost half of the entire NBA.

For a more eye-friendly view of the accomplishment, here’s an infographic from Imgur.

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Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

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