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Carolina Panthers' offensive coordinator Thomas Brown and ex-coach Frank Reich (in Panthers gear) and expressionless emojis surrounding them.

Another week, another loss for the 1-12 Carolina Panthers. But their 28-6 defeat at the hands of the New Orleans Saints was followed by a fresh set of ignominy surrounding the team’s owner David Tepper, its former head coach Frank Reich, and its lame duck offensive coordinator Thomas Brown. Following another lackluster performance by number-one […]

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Ex-Panthers head coach coddling QB Bryce Young
Panthers' David Tepper wasn't with how Frank Reich was developing Bryce Young
Panthers QB Bryce Young, owner David Tepper, and former coach Frank Reich as Hunger Gaes characters.
Bryce Young, Panthers, Frank Reich, Chris Tabor
NFL coaches Frank Reich, Bill Belichick, and Brandon Staley
Frank Reich with a red X. Tom Brady with angry emojis
Panthers David Tepper after firing Frank Reich and Bryce Young with CJ Stroud
Ben Johnson, Panthers offense, Frank Reich, Bryce Young
Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper wants his next coach to deliver the eulogy at his funeral
Greg Olsen with Panthers Bryce Young and Frank Reich after losing to the Titans
A recent picture of Frank Reich as coach of the Carolina Panthers alongside one of him as quarterback for the Buffalo Bills
Frank Reich with a red x. Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson as a silhouette
Frank Reich and Josh McDaniels who are the two NFL coaches fired so far, although Adam Schefter tells Pat McAfee there could be five to eight more soon.
Frank Reich addresses firing by Panthers
The Panthers have fired Josh MCCown and Duce Staley after moving on from Frank Reich.
Frank Reich and Linda Reich surrounded by hearts.
Photo: Frank Reich in Panthers gear with an X through him, Brian Burns, Bryce Young, Adam Thielen in background in Panthers jerseys looking serious
Frank Reich in front of his former Indianapolis home.