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Michael Jordan, Bulls’ ‘The Last Dance’ not in Patrick Ewing’s watch list

Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing

ESPN’s astounding docu-series “The Last Dance” has captivated pretty much the entire basketball world, as it delves into the extremely intriguing history of Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls’ dynasty in the 1990’s. That is, apparently, with the exception of New York Knicks legend Patrick Ewing, who is actually also featured in the hit show.

According to Ewing, reliving the suffering he had to go through playing against the great Michael Jordan was not something he was up for.

“I had to live through all of the battles that we had to go through, and now you all have a documentary that you have to keep rubbing it in my face,” Ewing recently said on The Dan Patrick Show, via Jeffrey Bellone of Fansided.

Ewing was laughing as he made this statement, so it is clear that he has somewhat been able to move on from all the heartbreaking losses he suffered at the hands of Jordan and the Bulls. Then again, it is obvious that it still hurts him to this very day, thus his decision to skip “The Last Dance” altogether.

Ewing did admit that he tried to give it a go, but that he ended up just switching off the program soon after.

“I watch some of it,” he said. “I watch a little, then I shut it off and go do other things. I lived through it, so I don’t need to watch it. I know he’s great.”

Ewing has a pretty good reason for not wanting to watch the epic documentary. This is not something we can say about Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler, though, who also said that he is — for reasons unknown — taking a concerted effort to not jump on “The Last Dance ” bandwagon.