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Celtics’ Enes Kanter to ask help from Justin Trudeau to play vs. Raptors on Christmas


Enes Kanter’s immigration troubles didn’t end when he signed with the Boston Celtics as the center remains reluctant traveling to Canada in fear of being deported — which is bad news for the C’s as they are set to collide with the defending champions, the Toronto Raptors, soon.

The Turkish big man is not giving up without a fight, however, as he is now trying to plead to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for help in making sure he makes it to the road game versus the Raptors per WBUR News’ Shira Springer.

“I have a phone conversation with Justin Trudeau,” Kanter said. “So, that’s gonna be very exciting.”

Yes, that Justin Trudeau. The Prime Minster of Canada.

“So, I’m literally gonna ask, like, ‘Hey, I’m coming to your country. Is it OK for me to come?’ ”

Kanter’s issues began after publicly and repeatedly rebuking the policies of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan leading to the politician to revoke his passport and has also experienced harassment for his political views, at times even involving family members. These issues have continued to hound the 27-year-old in local Boston mosques and even while attempting to conduct basketball clinics across the country.

Fortunately for Kanter, his presence against the Raptors likely won’t be necessary. With the champs missing several key players due to injuries, the Celtics will be facing a depleted roster missing most of their starters — including star Pascal Siakam.

Still, Kanter is probably after the principle of being able to play anywhere and not so much being actually available. So one hopes that Trudeau comes through and does the 6-foot-11 center a solid.