If there’s one thing you can rely on from Jayson Tatum, it’s that the man knows how to get a bucket. The Boston Celtics forward showed exactly that to his new coach Ime Udoka.

The two were running one-on-one drills during a Team USA training session, and Tatum just couldn’t help himself from getting bucket after bucket on the new Celtics coach.

Although it’s never fun getting scored on, Ime Udoka was probably delighted to see just how lethal of an offensive weapon Jayson Tatum is for the Celtics. Udoka has previously spoken on how excited he is to be coaching up two rising young stars in Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

Via Boston.com’s Trevor Hass:

“What I keep going back to is the talent,” Udoka said. “When you have two young pillars at that age, the sky is the limit. That’s what it starts with. You’re only as good as your players, and where you push them to get to.”

The feeling was definitely mutual, as Jayson Tatum has also expressed how optimistic he is with Udoka now at the helm.

“Extremely happy about Ime,” Tatum told The Boston Globe‘s Gary Washburn. “I’ve known him for a little while. He’s extremely motivated and I think everybody has a good feeling about this. I think this is going to be great.”

This definitely won’t be the last time Ime Udoka will get scored on in practice by Jayson Tatum. Better get used to it, coach.