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Video: Celtics’ Brad Stevens asks Mike Krzyzewski to yell at Jayson Tatum


Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum is one of the youngest stars in the game at only 21 years of age. Sometimes achieving stardom that young can go to a players head, but a head coach laying into them can bring them back to earth fast. While there is no sign Tatum has grown too big for his boots, Celtics head coach Brad Stevens might not be taking any chances. Stevens told legendary Team USA and Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski to yell at Tatumas much as he needs when the two met at a practice.

It likely wouldn’t be the first time Krzyzewski yelled at Tatum. In 2017, Tatum was a freshman at Duke under Krzyzewski. The pair had a great relationship that is clearly still doing well.

Tatum is likely to make the 12 man Team USA roster. This years team will be significantly weaker than pst teams due to an exodus of All-Stars shortly before the practices began.

While it might hurt Team USA, it’s great for Tatum. He will get a chance to be a leading figure on one of the highest-profile teams in the world.

This should prepare him for the upcoming regular season, where he will be expected to take a bigger role with the Celtics as well. With the departure of Kyrie Irving and Al Horford, Tatum and newcomer Kemba Walker will be expected to do most of the heavy lifting.