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Video: Patrick Beverley roughs up Lonzo Ball early in game vs. Lakers

patrick beverley

The good news for Lonzo Ball is despite some concerns about his ankle, he’s healthy enough to make his NBA debut at home against the L.A. Clippers.

The bad news is that he faces one of the toughest, most physical defenders in the entire league in Patrick Beverley. As Alex Kennedy’s video posted on Twitter shows, Beverley gives the Lakers’ prized rookie quite the rough welcome to the NBA.

Beverley lived up to his “Mr. 94 Feet” nickname at one point in the first quarter by getting up on Lonzo before the ball had even been inbounded. A clearly ticked off Ball couldn’t help but push him away.

And after Ball brings the ball up to the midcourt line, the Clippers’ stopper quickly reaches in and knocks Ball to the floor. Welcome to the NBA rook.

While not everyone is going to be quite as physical and downright annoying as Patrick Beverley can be defensively, it’s that type of physical play that Ball will have to adjust to all throughout his rookie year as some teams will still look to get him as uncomfortable as possible.

As for all the upcoming opponents of the Clippers, good luck dealing with stuff like that from Beverley when you cross paths. It won’t be fun.