Right before the new decade started, no one would have expected sports cards to become the popular hobby it is today. Heck, even Drake has gone to great lengths by splurging more than $200,000 to land that elusive Triple Logoman card from Panini recently. But the Canadian rapper isn't alone in his love for the hobby. There are some big names who have gone public about sports cards and how collecting them has turned into an absolute joy.

Apart from Drake, we take a look at six other celebrities who are into sports cards and how far they've gone in the hobby.

Steve Aoki

Back before he made a name for himself as a world-famous DJ, Steve Aoki was an avid sports card collector in his youth. But after focusing more on his music as he grew up, the hobby took a backseat and his collection gathered dust in the process.

It wasn't until the onset of the pandemic when Aoki started collecting sports cards once again. Since gigs were hard to come by during that time and recording studios were closed, Aoki had more time to revisit his love for the hobby again.

“During Covid is when some of my friends in their late 30s, early 40s, started tweeting about card collecting. I didn’t really think about cards as having that much financial value. I thought they were just cardboard, you know? So, when my friend was like, ‘Yeah, I just bought this card for $15,000 on Twitter,’ I was like, ‘What?'” Aoki said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

And with the hobby in full swing, it makes sense for Aoki to do the same with his collection. As of now, the musician and record producer has already spent more than a million dollars on various sports and graded Pokemon cards.

As the hobby gets hotter, expect Aoki to lead the way for other celebrities to enjoy cards, which is exactly the case with Drake right now. And with his own memorabilia shop, it's no surprise that the DJ is among the hottest celebrity names when it comes to collecting sports cards.

Snoop Dogg

If given a choice, any individual would always go for a car over something as simple as a sports card. But of course, this comes from a perspective of a non-collector, which Snoop Dogg isn't.

Almost a year ago, the OG rapper decided to sell his custom Oldsmobile Cutlas worth $30,000 for a PSA 10 slab of Kobe Bryant's 1996 Topps Chrome rookie card. Turns out, Snoop won the transaction as the late Black Mamba's stock has risen significantly over the following months since then. Considering that a car, no matter how awesome it is, will lose its value over time, it's safe to assume that the rapper's graded Kobe Bryant card will do the opposite.

Mark Wahlberg

It's one thing for a collector to continue loving sports cards as time goes by. It's another thing to pass that love to the next generation and make them understand the highs and lows of the hobby. A good example, of course, is no other than Mark Wahlberg.

While the whole world was locked down, Wahlberg and his boys were active in ripping packs on social media. It even got to the point that his sons started their own card business, borne out of the influence their father had on them.


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As of this time, Wahlberg's boys have amassed an incredible collection of football, basketball, and UFC cards from Panini. And as the hobby has no signs of slowing down, expect this family to continue collecting.

Bryan Cranston

At first look, you'll never imagine Heisenberg collecting baseball cards. The Breaking Bad character couldn't have but the actor behind the role most certainly did. Even at an early age, Bryan Cranston was already into sports cards, with the Los Angeles Dodgers as his team of choice. As a kid, that obsession grew into something of a system in itself.

“I had all my cards divided up into teams, neatly arranged in file boxes in my room. I also had cloth pennants for every team that I'd gotten by redeeming Bazooka Joe bubble gum comics. Each one was protected by cellophane and hung on the wall,” Cranston said in an interview.

While most of the cards he collected as a kid are now gone, Cranston still has an autographed Cal Ripken rookie card and sophomore cards of Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax in his possession. Those baseball cards alone are enough to make any collector drool in envy. Nevertheless, when it comes to this part of the hobby, Cranston is definitely one celebrity that comes to mind.

Charlie Sheen

Although the actor has been known for his questionable choices in life, it can't be denied that Charlie Sheen's a true sports card collector by heart. At some point during his career, he owned an insane collection of baseball cards that served as the centerpiece of a sports club named the All-Star Cafe way back then. Among the cards that were displayed was Sheen's graded Honus Wagner T206.

Unfortunately, the card itself was stolen. It was only recently when the graded Honus Wagner slab was recovered. Since then, Sheen has sold most of his collection but he remains to be an avid fan of the sport.

Rob Kardashian

Although often overshadowed by his sisters, Rob Kardashian is among the celebrities who are into sports cards. As a lifelong Dodgers fan, it's only natural for him to be into baseball cards. Just recently, he pulled a monster Honus Wagner auto, which fits his collecting preferences perfectly.

Apart from baseball, Kardashian is also into football cards. Some of the stars he collects are Patrick Mahomes II and Tom Brady cards.


The most recent celebrity to make the news when it comes to sports cards is no other than Drake. The Canadian rapper, well known for his love of the Toronto Raptors, recently went on a massive spree by buying a lot of Panini's latest Flawless cases.

Drake, NBA Cards

Although his search for the Triple Logoman card hasn't yielded any results, the fact that the hobby is getting so much attention from everyone because of Drake is a win already. With four out of five Triple Logoman cards out in the wild, collectors can expect the rapper to continue his hunt.

These six celebrities are just the tip of the iceberg. With the hobby gaining more love with each passing day, it won't be a surprise to discover other stars have started their own card collection soon.