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NBA champion PJ Tucker receives stirring gesture from Heat coach Erik Spoelstra

NBA Miami Heat Milwaukee Bucks Erik Spoelstra Mike Budenholzer PJ Tucker

Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra gives a stirring gesture to P.J. Tucker after receiving his championship ring before the Bucks vs. Heat matchup.

Not long ago, the Heat were swept in the first round of the 2021 playoffs at the hand of the Bucks, who ended up winning the title. Still, Spoelstra, an accomplished coach, congratulated Tucker for an achievement that every NBA player desires throughout their career.

“We want to celebrate with him and acknowledge that and honor what he was able to accomplish. It’s awesome. It’s the toughest thing to do in this profession.”

Due to a midseason trade from the Rockets, Tucker joined Milwaukee and played a crucial role throughout the Bucks’ championship run, even during their series against the Heat. However, despite winning a hard-fought title at Milwaukee, the sneaker God ended up choosing Miami during free agency.

Initially, Tucker’s arrival was viewed as a fitting move—primarily because of his playing style. He is a tough hustle player who can defend the opponent’s best player while knocking down spot-up threes each game—practically aligned with the Heat’s culture.

The savvy veteran is averaging more points with the Heat this season while also shooting 43.9% from beyond the arc. Meanwhile, in the eastern conference standings, the Heat are currently jostling against the Bucks, Nets, Wizards, and Bulls. With Miami off to a better start this season, can Tucker aid his new team to relevant success?