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Madison Square Garden played heavy metal to drown out ‘sell the team’ chants

Knicks, James Dolan, Bobby Portis

The New York Knicks appear to have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to best deal with the recent backlash from their own fans. On Friday night, in a home game at Madison Square Garden against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Knicks tried to drown out what has become a familiar “sell the team” chant by blasting some heavy metal music late in the game.

The Knicks pulled out this unusual tactic late in the ballgame, a 126-103 loss. Knicks big man Bobby Portis was actually on the foul line when heavy metal was played on the arena’s sound system. The 25-year-old admitted the loud music sort of took him by surprise:

“I noticed the loud music,’’ Portis told Marc Berman of the New York Post. “It didn’t throw me off, though. When you’re on the road, that’s normal.

“I don’t know why it happened. Lucky I made both of them. But it was unusual.’’

Knicks owner James Dolan and company appear to be putting a lot of stock in trying to salvage the PR mess they are currently in. At times, it even seems they’re spending more time on this than actually trying to make the Knicks a better team.

Fortunately for them, however, the Knicks rebounded from Friday’s ugly loss by pulling off a 96-84 win on Sunday against the Detroit Pistons. That’s now three wins in their last five for a disappointing Knicks side, including an impressive 125-123 victory against the Houston Rockets on Monday.

Things aren’t exactly going in the right direction for New York, but at least they’re getting some much-needed wins of late. Playing better and winning more games will minimize the need for manufactured noise to block out those “sell the team” chants. The Knicks are now 20-44 this season.