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Skip Bayless says that Zion Williamson ‘belonged’ in New York with the Knicks

Skip Bayless, Zion Williamson, Knicks

After a truly shocking NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday night, preeminent takesman Skip Bayless of FS1’s Undisputed chimed in on the proceedings, as well his opinions on where Zion Williamson should have ended up.

Interestingly, Skip argued that Williamson “belonged in New York,” citing that “Zion-to-the-Knicks” was a foregone conclusion before the NBA Draft Lottery.

It’s to be expected that Skip had plenty of thoughts on the matter, as it his job to produce a metric ton of takes and commentary on a weekly basis on all manner of subjects.

In this segment, Skip is disgusted that both the New Orleans Pelicans and Memphis Grizzlies beat the odds to cruise up the draft board and end up with the No.1 and No.2 overall picks, respectively.

First off, Skip compares the NBA’s amusing ping-pong ball system with the NFL’s, in which a team’s record dictates exactly where they will select in the draft.

Then Skip goes back to NBA drafts in the past, pondering when the lottery system was put in place due to the blatant tanking for Hakeem Olajuwon. Next, Skip outlines his solution, which would be to put an oversight committee (or some such) in place — similar to the NCAA Football’s playoff committee — that would monitor all the teams in lottery position to see which teams are truly deserving of a high draft pick when the lottery rolls around.

While he doesn’t offer much nuance on this topic — or explain how something like this wouldn’t lead to rampant tampering — you can’t fault Skip for being a top-flight “idea guy.”