The Los Angeles Lakers (and Lakers fans) have not been happy about how they've been officiated this season. That's been abundantly clear to anyone who's watched their games or witnessed the “Refs you suck!” chants that have been a regular occurrence at Staples Center.

It was no different on Wednesday night, in the Lakers hard-fought 109-102 loss to a dominant Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks — only the team's fourth road game and first of a five-game East Coast swing.

After all: if they weren't getting the calls at home, they certainly weren't going to on the road.

In his postgame remarks, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel — who was visibly incensed by a few whistles in the fourth quarter — voiced his frustrations and said the NBA will be hearing from the Lakers, again.

“Disappointed with some of the calls we got,” he said. “Anthony Davis getting zero free throw attempts is a little mind-boggling. We’ll continue to communicate with the league on that.”

Vogel cited the Bucks taking 12 free throws in the final period, eight more than Los Angeles. He added that Giannis Antetokounmpo should have been assessed a flagrant foul for his block attempt on an Anthony Davis dunk, which went uncalled.

Overall, Milwaukee was called for 10 team fouls compared to 19 for the Lakers. The Bucks shot 17-of-24 from the charity stripe. Los Angeles was 10-of-12.

For the most part, the Lakers have justifiable reasons to be displeased with the refs this season. A few weeks back, for instance, they had two points and a possession strangely erased from the record minutes after they occurred in a tight win over the Houston Rockets. In Monday's loss to the Chicago Bulls, Anthony Davis was irrationally tossed in the third quarter.

Consequently, the Lakers are second in the NBA in technical fouls per game.