The game has changed and every NBA team is hurrying to adapt as quickly as possible.

All 30 teams are on pace for the sixth straight season to break the record for most made 3-pointers in an NBA season. And there's no reason to believe this will stop anytime soon.

Via The Associated Press:

“We all like to get out there, shoot a lot of 3s, spread the floor and try to move the ball as much as you can,” Houston coach Mike D'Antoni said. “Everybody is more or less the same … with the same outline. Just get it done in different ways.”

What's amazing is that back in 2009-10, the league combined to make 15,000 threes. This season the league is well on its way to 25,000-plus.

An emphasis on advanced analytics spearheaded by teams like the Rockets, Cavs and Warriors have mostly led to the change. It also helps that the teams shooting the most threes are also finding themselves at the top of the standings. In a copycat league, that will just mean more and more threes being hoisted in years to come.