Only a day after officially signing with his team of choice, the Houston Rockets, forward Carmelo Anthony wrote a letter, thanking Oklahoma City Thunder fans for their support throughout a single season.

“Throughout the entire season, game after game, you cheered me on and rooted for us as a team,” Anthony wrote, according to Erik Horne of The Oklahoman. “That is something I will always cherish and never forget. That genuine support kept me going all season long.”

Anthony is coming off his worst season as a pro in the league, it was clear there were moves to be made for the Thunder, quickly choosing to part ways. Anthony was featured as the third scoring option in the team, a role he didn't thrive in, averaging a mere 16.2 points per game on a career-low 40 percent shooting after 14 seasons of averaging 20 or more points per year.

The 34-year-old recognized his poor fit with the organization and apologized for the misfire during his lone season with the team.

“IN LIFE, I've learned that things don't always turn out how you want,” Anthony continued in his letter. “I wanted nothing more than to make it work here & help bring this city a championship. I'm sorry it didn't work out while I was here.”

OKC traded Anthony as part of a three-team swap with the Atlanta Hawks and the Philadelphia 76ers. Melo negotiated a buyout with the Hawks, which ultimately paved a way for a one-year, $2.4 million deal with the Rockets.

A year prior, Anthony was traded to Oklahoma City from the New York Knicks, despite the Rockets being the main suitor for his services. It looks like it's all falling into place in due time.