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Shaquille O’Neal wants the Clippers to stop covering up the Lakers’ banners at Staples Center

The heart of the city of Los Angeles belongs to the Lakers. It always has and it always will. The legendary franchise will forever be embraced and cemented as the city’s very own.

Staples Center is their home turf where multiple championship banners hang, showing off the team’s rich history.

That’s why legend Shaquille O’Neal has an issue with the Los Angeles Clippers covering the Lakers’ banners during Clippers home games.

Speaking to Lakers Nation, Shaq gave his blunt thoughts about who calls the shots in L.A.

“Speaking of Clippers, I don’t like the fact that when you guys have your home games, you cover up the jerseys.”

Clippers head coach Doc Rivers made the controversial decision in 2013 to cover the Lakers’ banners in order to separate the Clippers’ identity from their cross-town counterparts. O’Neal’s thoughts mirror those of many others in Los Angeles who felt the move was disrespectful, no matter what the reasoning was.

“Until you win 16 championships, then you can start changing the rule. Don’t cover up my jersey. This is (Lakers) building. Don’t forget that s—. Y’all just leasing it. That’s our building.”

Perhaps the Clippers will move one day and finally get out of the shadow of the Lakers. For the time being, their arena lease lasts until 2024.

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