The Connecticut Sun have come close to standing on top of the mountain top over the last seven years. New head coach Stephanie Whites believes she and the rest of the organization have the tools to get there.

During her introductory press conference, White touched on various topics, referring to Alyssa Thomas as a potential MVP candidate and saying she wants to bring a championship to Connecticut.

“The toughness, the grit, the competitive nature, that permeates the organization, it permeates the team, and the expectation is to compete every day like that,” White said.

The former Indiana Fever head coach mentioned that its the players who make up the culture. White is coming into a roster that has well-established leaders like Jones, Thomas and last year's catalyst, DeWanna Bonner. One of the benefits of bringing in White is she can be the coach to fill in the holes the team needs while also building on what made the Sun successful over the last few years.

“I think the team culture is pretty much already established, the identity of this franchise has been the same,” White said. “It’s been about hard work. It’s been about toughness, it’s been about sacrifice, it’s been about the team, it’s been about together. You know, for me, the culture that we want to continue to build on are those core principles.”

However, White did mention the Sun will need some fresh ideas as well. She mentioned wanting to play with more pace, something last few Sun teams lacked for the better part of seven years.

“We don’t need to reinvent the wheel here,” White said. “We need to add a couple pieces, we need to re-tool a little bit.”