Where is Jarrett Allen going to end up this offseason if he does not return to the Cavaliers? There are a few trade options available to him. Allen was a big factor in the Cavaliers' success this past season, especially on defense. He averaged 16.5 points, 10.5 rebounds per game, 2.7 assists per game, and 63.4% from the field. He also averaged 0.7 steals per game and 1.1 blocks per game on defense. He missed most of the Cavaliers' playoff run due to a rib injury. He missed every game after Game 4 of the Orlando Magic series in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, which includes the entire series against the Boston Celtics. There seems to be a lot of turmoil going on behind the scenes with the Cavaliers and that was highlighted by the fact that head coach JB Bickerstaff was recently let go. With some re-organizing happening with the Cavaliers, it makes sense the roster might look different and Allen might be headed elsewhere.

Jarrett Allen's next team odds via BetOnline:

Oklahoma City Thunder (+300):

The Thunder are a great fit for Jarrett Allen for a few different reasons. The first is money. The Thunder have the salary cap space to grab a few players potentially because their team is so young and mostly on rookie contracts and that makes a cheap roster. Allen signed a five-year extension recently, worth about $20 million a year and $100 million in total, so the Thunder are one of the teams that can take on his salary. They also need more help down low. Chet Holmgren has been great for the Thunder, but they need more help next to him because he can not do much overall. He would also bring in some much-needed experience to the youngest team in the NBA.

New York Knicks (+400):

The Knicks need some stability in the frontcourt. They were dealing with a lot of injuries at the end of the year to both Mitchell Robinson and Julius Randle and it left Isaiah Hartenstein by himself. The Knicks were racked with injuries across the board by the end of the year, but they needed more help with depth in the front court, especially by the end of the year. The Knicks do have salary cap space as well and will be able to take on his big salary overall. This could be an interesting fit, but the Knicks might need to cut bait with either Mitchell Robinson or Isaiah Hartenstein with the frontcourt getting more crowded.

New Orleans Pelicans (+600):

The Pelicans would be an interesting fit for Allen. There have been some reports that have come out that the Pelicans are looking to be aggressive, so adding Allen could work out for them if they are looking to trade away some salary like Brandon Ingram for example. They still have Jonas Valanciunas, but Allen is more athletic and Valanciunas is getting older, so he could be a replacement piece on top adding some depth. Allen would be an interesting piece to pick up for the Pelicans because it could work out, but some pieces might need to be moved around.

Where is the best fit for Jarrett Allen?

The best fit overall for Jarrett Allen if the Cavaliers decide to trade him would be the Thunder. The Thunder have the cap space and have the young pieces that would work well around him. He would be a good fit as a veteran being added to a young team that needs experience too and depth down low. It feels like the Cavaliers are getting ready to blow things up, and the Thunder are the perfect spot for him to land.