The Golden State Warriors were up three games to one heading back home for Game 5 on Monday night, but were unable to close out the series in Oakland and now have to travel back to Cleveland for Game 6 against the Cavaliers on Thursday night. One of the main reasons for the loss has to be the absence of star power forward Draymond Green, who was suspended for Game 5 for going over the flagrant foul limit for the playoffs. While the consistent poor decision-making on Green’s part certainly earned him the suspension, Michigan State (Green’s alma mater) head coach Tom Izzo, knows better than most just how much it hurt Draymond to miss Game 5.

Apparently, Izzo has been in contact with Green ever since he received the suspension. Izzo appeared on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike Show” and shared how hard it was for Green to watch Game 5 on television.

Per Daniel Brown of East Bay Times:

“That passion of feeling like he let his teammates down, his city down, his owner down,” Izzo said. “All those things were going through his mind.”

“It was hard on him,” Izzo added. “He said he'd rather give up a million dollars and fines than be held out. I think that tells you how important winning is to him.”

Due to the suspension, Green was not even allowed inside Oracle Arena as of two hours prior to the game. Instead, he watched from Oakland Coliseum alongside Warriors general manager Bob Myers and former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.

Green will be allowed back for Game 6 in Cleveland. The Warriors’ power forward adds a defensive factor and passion that the Warriors team cannot replace.

“That's who he is. That's his DNA. He's not necessarily a street fighter. He's not a thug. He is a guy that plays with incredible passion, with incredible toughness,” Izzo said. “Winning is important.”

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