The Golden State Warriors are back in the Western Conference Finals for the fourth straight year. But this time, things are a little bit different, as their foes — the Houston Rockets — are the ones who have the homecourt advantage.

As reported by Mark Medina of The Mercury News, Klay Thompson shared his thoughts on charting unfamiliar territory:

“Yeah… it's a new position… We haven't been there in a while. So just treat it like any other game”

Below is the full clip:

In the past, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has emphasized the advantage of playing at home during the playoffs:

“We always emphasize home court. We know how tough it is to win at Oracle for an opposing team,” Kerr said. “We know the importance of having a Game 7 at home. We talk about it every year.”

In the regular season, the Warriors' home and away records both stood at 29-12. Fair to say that it didn't matter much for them whether they played at home or at someone else's arena. The Rockets, meanwhile, are 34-7 at home — the best home record, and 31-10 — the best away record. The Rockets took two games out of three in their regular season series.

But as everyone knows, the playoffs are a whole lot different. The Rockets hold the best record in the NBA. But the Warriors have gone through a lot in the playoffs. Critics pick them to come out on top mainly due to their experience, coupled with a powerhouse lineup.