The Golden State Warriors have managed to capture two of the biggest free agents in the market within the past three offseasons, reeling in Kevin Durant in 2016 and DeMarcus Cousins earlier this month, now boasting an All-Star starting five from point guard to center.

Stephen Curry has been through the whole process, from struggling to pile up the wins to slowly transforming into a defensive team with outside shooting, ultimately morphing into the juggernaut the Warriors are today, boasting the most firepower in the league.

The Warriors' success has attracted free agents like moths to a flame, something Curry can admit and attest to with no hesitation.

“For sure, because we’re the champs,” said Curry, according to Sam Amick of USA TODAY Sports. “Every year, every summer, everybody has to figure out, for one, what’s the best interest for you as a person, and your family and where you are in your career and make decisions. And two, if I was on the other side, and I wasn’t on the team that was the last man standing and holding the trophy, you try to exhaust all efforts to try to figure out how to get better as a team, get in a better situation, whatever the case is. But it also goes both ways, because we’re trying to get better too.”

Durant was coming off a failed partnership with Russell Westbrook, and while he's obtained two NBA championships since leaving Oklahoma City, Westbrook has had two quick outs in 2017 and 2018.

Cousins was not given serious consideration by the New Orleans Pelicans and signing with the Warriors was a sure-fire way to make the most of his recovery while putting himself in position to hit the 2019 free agent market with an improved value after coming back from injury.