A PSA 10 Crystal Charizard and PSA 10 Shadowless Charizard are among the Pokemon Cards featured in the ongoing Whatnot Break the Bank event.

While waiting for the English release of Astral Radiance, players can try their luck in getting two very high-value cards to add to their collection. The ongoing Whatnot Break the Bank event, which runs until Sunday, May 1, will be featuring $400K worth of Pokemon Cards during their 6-day progressive live stream. The cards involved are very rare cards indeed: a PSA 10 Shadowless Charizard and a PSA 10 Crystal Charizard. These cards are very high value, currently priced at five-digit numbers over at eBay right now.

The Whatnot Break the Bank event is a 6-day progressive live stream event that runs every day from Tuesday, April 26, to Sunday, May 1, from 4pm PT / 7pm ET. Each day there will be a 1-hour game where viewers work together to break a glass bank filled with rare cards, leading to a single person in the live stream winning a massive giveaway. Viewers will see a pile of rare Pokémon cards (which includes the aforementioned Charizard cards) worth $400K trapped in a massive glass bank. Viewers break the bank by getting as many viewers into the stream as possible, ultimately leading one viewer to win a massive giveaway. Check out the live stream here.

So, the more viewers there are, the better the chances are of the viewers breaking the glass bank. However, only one player gets to take home the pot. Would you be the lucky one? We won't put our hopes on it. Besides, what are you gonna do with a PSA 10 Charizard card anyway? Wear it like a necklace? On second thought, that'd be so dope and the ultimate way to flex your extravagant luxuries on your homies. Okay, maybe we'll try our luck after all.

UPDATE: The PSA 10 Shadowless Charizard appears to have been replaced by Whatnot with a 1st Edition Neo Destiny Booster Box. While that has potentially more value than a single card, it's still a shame that the Shadowless Charizard isn't included in the prize anymore. Pretty sad because you can't put an entire booster box in a bling necklace.