The Houston Astros are back in the World Series for the fourth time in the last six years, bringing on talks that the Astros could potentially achieve dynasty status if they get the job done against the Philadelphia Phillies. Astros starting pitcher Lance McCullers had an honest take on whether or not he thinks the Astros are a dynasty, suggesting that there is still work to be done but it's impossible to ignore the franchise's dominance of late.

Via Chandler Rome:

“I think dynasties are gauged by championships. But that story isn't done yet,” said McCullers. “I definitely think (winning the World Series) would cement our place in this era of baseball as far as how we've handled and dominated a large portion of it.”

The Astros are 1-2 in their past three World Series' but they'll look to take home their second championship in the past six years if they can defeat the Phillies. McCullers admitted that the Astros aren't quite a dynasty yet, evidenced by the team only having one championship. But it seems he thinks that a World Series win vs. the Phillies could vault them into that category.

The Astros' lone World Series win is also a controversial one given the sign-stealing scandal that plagued the team. Getting the job done in 2022 could erase some of the skeptics, while also adding a much-needed second World Series trophy to the Astros' dynasty claim.

Reaching the ALCS doesn't make a dynasty, and McCullers didn't quite seem ready to label the Astros as one until they are able to get the job done again in the Fall Classic.