If you’re looking to buy Celtics City Edition gear, clothing, and/or whatever else have you, we have you covered my friends. We won’t word vomit all over the lede. Instead, let’s get into the Boston goodness.

But first, as a reminder, ranking whatever is subjective. Simply because I might enjoy one thing over another does not invalidate your subjective tastes on whatever ends up being ranked where.

Alas, let’s buy Celtics City Edition gear in a ranked fashion.

6- Celtics City Edition Head Thingy

Boston Celtics New Era 2019/20 City Edition Pom Knit Hat - Green

The shamrock is one of the best alternative logos in all of the NBA, and it belongs to one of the league’s best ran franchises.

Given the usual colors tethered to the Celtics, this slight change of pace color and design helps a bit, especially when you’re looking for something that literally matches everything in your closet. Basically, the black outline helps a ton.

As it is with most things on this list, given the time of the year, the hat is on sale. It’s also relatively limited in supply, so you’re going to have to ask fast if you want in on this specific neighborhood.

5- Pullover Hoodie

Boston Celtics Nike 2020/21 City Edition Essential Logo Fleece Pullover Hoodie - Green

Love this pullover hoodie for its simplistic design. While it does come in a few different colors, the image above is my favorite, as it won’t show anything as time attempts to rip the hoodie from its wonder.

Whenever doing something like a Buy Celtics City Edition Gear list thingamabob, as mentioned early, it’s really subjective.

Basically, some people love hoodies more than others. If you’re a hoodie fanatic like myself, this bad boy might just be what the the doctor ordered.

Alas, the doctor also ordered us to drink more water. So, you know, put down that glass of Dr. Pepper and exchange it for some water.

4- Buy Celtics City Edition Gear Shorts

Boston Celtics Nike 2020/21 City Edition Swingman Shorts - White

My lord this are straight fire. Heck, maybe your lord even as well.

A lot of NBA shorts just don’t vibe well with other casual clothing you might already own. A pair of shorts that are predominately white, however, will help offset that issue for any Boston loved ones you’re currently thinking about.

Nonetheless, there’s even other designs, varying in splash and style, out there. As you’ll notice later on, we’ll take care of you in that department.

Why? Because we’re friends, pal. And that’s just what friends do for each other.

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3- Awesome Shirt

Boston Celtics Nike 2019/20 City Edition Courtside Performance T-Shirt - Black

I’m obviously constantly leaning toward a specific color, but you can do you.

If I’m to buy Celtics City Edition gear, especially since I’m not a fan of the team, it would be something like this that’s rather vintage-ish looking. It also helps that it’s dri-fit, which my old man, decomposing corpse appreciates.

Again, I’ll just keep mentioning it so you’re aware of the situation, this shirt is on sale for clear reasons. You best take advantage of it now before it’s too late.

2- Buy Celtics City Edition Gear Full Zip Hoodie

Boston Celtics Nike 2020/21 City Edition Showtime Full-Zip Hoodie - Gray

The hoodie image attached above is actually one of various different designs; though it needs to be noted there’s men’s and women’s versions available. Just wanted to mix it up here a bit, as to highlight the variety of gear available.

This zip hoodies are timeless, comfortable and good for nearly any occasion. Honestly, there’s really zero reason to overthink any of thinks.

I mean, don’t stop reading yet, but when you’re done looking over all the gear recommended on this page, this is a must-have for any Celtics fan.

1- Celtics City Edition Jersey

Jayson Tatum Boston Celtics Nike 2020/21 Swingman Player Jersey White – City Edition

So, here’s the deal. We recently ranked every NBA City Edition jersey that was released when they became available. Most, but not all, are straight fire.

But it’s also worth noting our friends over at Fanatics not only have the latest versions, they still have last season’s in stock, meaning you have insane variety to choose from.

While a good portion of you likely already purchased last season’s version, it’s still nice for those who are looking to double-dip and/or actually prefer last season’s design over the other.

In fact, Fanatics has a bunch of this and last season’s City Edition designs, making for a rather fun shopping experience, especially instead of being forced to buy what literally everyone else is purchasing.

There’s even more Celtics goodness. The amount of variety can’t be stressed enough. There’s pretty much anything and everything for anyone. And, my friends, we call that a good thing.

If you’re not yet in a Boston state of mind, click the link below to see even more stuff in terms of how we can buy Celtics City Edition gear!