The Boston Celtics have acquired a staggering collection of assets entering this summer. Their franchise consists of quality players, great picks, and possibly even a large salary cap space depending on how their off season is spent financially. Celtics president Danny Ainge has positioned his team to not only make it past the first round of the playoffs, but to also possibly bring home a championship. The Celtics have the most championships won under their belt, 17 NBA championships overall, and plan to win another one. The upcoming off season should position them to do so by acquiring major trade deals and building a strong roster.

Their potential free agents include Amir Johnson, Evan Turner, Jared Sullinger, Tyler Zeller, Jonas Jerebko, and John Holland. Furthermore their likely cap space is $28.6 million and their realistic maximum cap space is $51.4 million.

Both Johnson and Jerebko have contracts that fit in to the new salary cap level and they both become guaranteed in July. Therefore the Celtics future for the team depends on what opportunities present themselves in July. This leaves the Celtics in a tough position whether to keep one or both contracts around those prices with other teams also interested in both good value contracts adding to the pressure.

amir johnson
Michael Dwyer/Associated Press

Boston possesses two more Brooklyn first-round selections and a future first pick from Memphis. The picks will lose value when selections are made so the Celtics will be highly active in the trade market up until draft night. Highly valued players such as Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, and DeMarcus Cousins will be eligible to be traded before the league year ends July 1st. They also highly valued restricted free agents Sullinger and Zeller. Sullinger had a strong start to this season which will most likely increase his 2016-2017 salary over his $5.7 million cap hold, suggesting that the Celtics should wait to re-sign him until after they have used their cap space. Also, Zeller's small contribution diminishes the likelihood that the Celtics would do that and makes it more likely he will be allowed to leave unless he compromises on a small deal.

Another aspect of the Celtics' off season that could contribute to their long-term plan is Kelly Olynyk. Olynyk's rookie contract ends next season which is why this offseason is a good one for extension negotiations. Although his modest 2017-2018 cap hold makes it tempting to wait until next season The Celtics will be more willing to sign a contract with him if they can use some of their 2017 cap flexibility ahead of time.

If the franchise wants to get involved in free agency, they can clear a large amount of cap space by getting rid of players and acquiring Johnson's or Jerebko's guarantee and then moving them elsewhere.

Over the past few years, Ainge has put together a team that has the potential to improve with draft picks, more cap space and tradable contracts. It's gong to take some time, but they have steered themselves on the right path to make it happen.

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