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Robert Parish calls feud between Ray Allen and former teammates ‘immature and petty’

robert parish, ray allen, rajon rondo

Robert Parish, a Boston Celtics legend in his own right, believes that the feud between Ray Allen and his former teammates “immature” and “petty.”

Speaking at SiriusXM NBA Radio, Parish, who helped the Celtics win three rings in the 80s, said that Allen and his former teammates should get past all the drama for what they achieved as teammates was a great accomplishment.

“Those guys went to war together, battled together,” Parish said. “They won that very elusive championship with how difficult that was in itself. And now they’re going to let a little fighting come between a special team. They were able to achieve excellence. And now they’re going to let a little fighting just destroy all that. I think that is very immature and petty.”

To recall, the feud started when Allen rejected the Celtics’ offer and joined the Miami Heat and LeBron James. It has been reported that Garnett has never spoken to Allen ever since. Pierce, for his part, has already patched things up with the sharpshooter. Meanwhile, Rajon Rondo is viewed as the one who holds the worst grudge against Allen.

News about the feud of the Celtics big three is gaining traction once again as Allen is set to be inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame this Friday. Apart from being considered as one of the greatest shooters of all time, Allen’s team-up with Pierce and Garnett was one his greatest contributions to the sport. And as the Hall of Fame ceremony is approaching, fans are wondering if Allen and his former Celtics brothers are finally going to patch things up.