Fox Sports Analyst and former player Corey Maggette might be a little on the optimistic side depending on what you believe.

After the Knicks traded for the Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, it instantly became a hot topic in NBA circles.

For some, the trade has given them a boost of confidence about the Knicks future. Even GM Phil Jackson says that the trade is reinvigorating star Carmelo Anthony.

Despite Rose’s recent knee injuries, causing him to play only a handful of games over the past three seasons, there seems to be a growing optimism that he will do well in New York. There are already talks of the Knicks wanting to sign Rose long term.

There is excitement in the air in New York, but even the most staunch supporters still want to wait and see how things works out with Rose, Anthony, and Porzingis before placing any historical context on the team. That is everyone except Maggette.

Maggette tweeted about the trade comparing the pairing to some of the best Duos in NBA History, before they’ve even played a game together.

Maybe in NBA2K, but Maggette is jumping the gun off of pure excitement.

Take a look at his tweet below and see the list of names he thinks the duo can be compared to.

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