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Chris Bosh thinks Heat’s Bam Adebayo ‘can be one of the best big men in the league’


Former Miami Heat star Chris Bosh is very high on Bam Adebayo.

Bosh thinks Adebayo “can be one of the best big men in the league.”

“In my opinion, I think he can be one of the best big men in the league,” Bosh said, via The Miami Herald. “I think he’ll have to kind of want to do that. He has the make up if he wants to really go for it on his own. But as far as raw talent, he’s very talented. He’s got to work on his skill and his technique.

“I think the basics will be great for him. And, really, just the hunger to win — the hard part, just playing every night, doing the actual job of being a professional basketball player. It’s not for everybody. But with that being said, I think he has a tremendous upside and eventually, as he develops, I think he’s going to see where he can take it — if he wants to take it there.”

The Heat traded Hassan Whiteside to the Portland Trail Blazers this summer, which means Bam Adebayo will be the full-time starter this upcoming season.

In 2018-19, Adebayo averaged 8.9 points, 7.3 rebounds and 2.2 assists for the Heat while shooting 57.6 percent from the field.