The Miami Heat have now lost their first two games of the season, and superstar forward Jimmy Butler knows exactly why: defense.

Miami was one of the best defensive teams in the NBA last season, ranking no. 4 in defensive rating just behind the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns. However, in their two games so far, they have allowed their opponents to score more than 110 points.

In their season-opening loss against the Chicago Bulls, the Windy City franchise won 116-108. On Friday against the Celtics, Jayson Tatum and co. beat them 111-104.

Butler knows their defense is their biggest weakness, which is why he is urging his teammates to show that defensive tenacity that they pride themselves of.

“We just know we have to do better on the defensive end. We said it after the Chicago loss, we’re going to say the same thing after the Boston loss, but we do not want to say the same thing come Toronto tomorrow. We’ve got to be more excited to play defense and get a stop, match that energy that we put into offense,” Butler said, per Anthony Chiang of Miami Herald.

The Heat figure to be one of the top playoff contenders in the East, but in order to do so, they better listen to Jimmy Butler.

Miami is now 0-2 on the season, and while their offense is thriving with Tyler Herro also stepping up, they need to find a solution on their defensive woes as soon as possible. Saturday's showdown with the Toronto Raptors will be a big test for them, and sure enough, they'll be hoping for different results.