Hector Lombard and Tyron Woodley don't like each other, at all. They recently had an altercation where Lombard tried to fight Woodley.

Now that Tyron Woodley is done with his boxing venture, Hector Lombard is ready to get his hands on him. He wants Woodley to take off the gloves and join bare-knuckle boxing.

“I’ve always been interested to fight that fake fuck (Tyron Woodley),” Lombard told MMA Junkie. “I told you guys a long time ago, he’s a fake fuck. He tried to pick up other people’s girls – not only mine, any girl that moved around, he tried to pick her up. Like, he feels that he deserves everything, and listen, it’s not about the girl because everybody, you know, when I made a post, everybody’s thinking about that I have feelings for the girl. No, I have feelings for the action of this clown that you think is your friend. You think like he can be your buddy, and here he is trying to get a hold of the girl.

“You know, he likes the smell of other people’s – I won’t say no more. But I do want the smoke.”

Hector Lombard badly wants to fight Tyron Woodley. The bare-knuckle boxing champion is not going to let that one go.

“I think we need to get that fight out of the way, and I’m not going to let go until I get that fight,” Lombard said. “His punk ass needs to get beat up by me, and then I would be a happy man.”