When you're the best at what you do, you're going to have a lot of haters.

Take for example, the Golden State Warriors. Despite a record-breaking 73-9 season and easily becoming the greatest three-point shooting team of all time, they can't seem to gain the respect of prior generations. Numerous players from the past such as Oscar Robertson, Charles Barkley and Tracy McGrady have found ways to diminish the Warriors' greatness by citing lack of talent in today's NBA for why Golden State has achieved so much success.

Klay Thompson, who is a huge reason for the Warriors' success as the best team in the league, commented on his team's struggle with gaining respect from the older generation:

It's just the cycle of life. Every generation believes their era was the best period.

When McGrady was in his prime, many people looked down upon the era because of the prevalence of isolation basketball and the lack of talent at the big man positions. When Barkley was wreaking havoc on the NBA during his MVP season, many considered the league to be weak due to the litter of expansion teams.

While many people are busy criticizing the Warriors or finding faults in their style of play, they'll realize years down the road just how good this team really was.

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