Knicks news: David Fizdale insists Enes Kanter is actually ill, doesn't think it's related to 'cheat day'
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Knicks coach David Fizdale insists Enes Kanter is actually ill, doesn’t think it’s related to ‘cheat day’

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On Friday, New York Knicks big man Enes Kanter took to Twitter to post a video of himself preparing to eat a massive “cheat meal,” which consisted of seven burgers.

Coincidentally, Enes Kanter fell ill and was unable to play in the Knicks’ game against the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday afternoon.

So, was Kanter seriously sick or was he just feeling awful after stuffing his face with a whole bunch of fast food the day before? Knicks coach David Fizdale insists it’s the former:

“The eating thing is, I think that’s him just messing with ya’ll,” said Fizdale, according to Ian Begley of ESPN. “He really has some flu-like symptoms. It’s been kicking his butt.”

Not only that, but Fizdale isn’t even sure Kanter actually ate all of those burgers in the first place.

“I heard about this one. I didn’t see it,” Fizdale said, per Noah Bressner of The New York Post. “Eat seven burgers? No way. His body would have rejected that. No, I can’t see that. Enes, the guy walks around with his shirt off all day in the locker room. There’s no way he’s stuffing seven burgers down his face. I just don’t see it. I think people sometimes take the Gram [Instagram] too seriously.”

Finally, Knicks reporter Rebecca Haarlow put an end to all of the speculations, saying that Kanter is, indeed, very ill:

The Knicks ended up falling to the Sixers by a score of 108-105.

Kanter will also have plenty of time to rest up now, as he will not be accompanying the Knicks during their trip to London this week.