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Noah Vonleh gets mocked by teammates for carrying huge water jug to practices


The New York Knicks are forever a sleeping giant in the NBA. Good market, great foundation of fans, Madison Square Garden, so on and so forth. And yet, despite all of the positives, franchise owner James Dolan hasn’t managed to put together a quality team in years.

He is, you know, bad at owning an NBA team. That being said, he’s also bad at being a musician.

Anyway, this season’s version of the Knicks, while still not good, is at least entertaining and offers promise. Young players are all over the place, doing neat things, including Noah Vonleh.

In an ESPN story on the New York Knicks, Vonleh relayed a story about how his teammates made fun of him for carrying a giant water jug with him wherever he went, as he is apparently combating a nasty sweat situation.

From the ESPN story:

“They were clowning me, like, ‘What are you carrying that big jug around for? What you need all that water for?'” Vonleh says with a grin.

“And then they would see how much I was sweating.”

We have ourselves a sweater! Not like a Lou Carnesecca outfit, but a man who drips and drops puddles of the salty liquid stuff from his body.

Not that kind of liquid, you sicko.