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Video: Enes Kanter tells a kid to burn his Kevin Durant shirt

kevin durant, enes kanter

New York Knicks power forward Enes Kanter doesn’t like the Golden State Warriors. In fact, he dislikes them so much he’s willing to tell little children to burn their Warriors merchandise, especially Kevin Durant.

In a savage video that has since surfaced, Kanter is seen telling a young child at his basketball camp to burn his Kevin Durant Warriors t-shirt.

There is no love lost between Kanter and the Warriors superstar, as Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder while Kanter was there, leaving him, Russell Westbrook, and the rest of the gang high and dry. Kanter has since been traded to the Knicks but has remained publicly outspoken about the situation, claiming Durant never addressed the team in Oklahoma City that he was planning on moving, and told no one, including Westbrook, that he’d be leaving for Oakland.

The meetings between the two teams the season after Durant’s move were fiery, to say the least, with numerous acts of aggression and scuffles exchanged between the teams, with Kanter, Westbrook, and Durant heavily involved.

Kanter has a history of rubbing superstars the wrong way, as he has recently had feuds with now Los Angeles Lakers small forward LeBron James when James was a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kanter will see both James and Durant much less now, as both players play in the Western Conference.

On a positive note for the Turkish international, it appears Kanter is in the Knicks’ long-term plan as they try and put together a squad worthy of contending in the Eastern Conference one day. Last season, he averaged a healthy 14.1 points and 11 rebounds per game for a largely poor Knicks outfit. With the pending return of star big man Kristaps Porzingis, as well as the acquisition of lottery pick Kevin Knox, who was impressive during the Las Vegas Summer League, the Knicks will be looking at a playoff push this upcoming campaign.