Kobe Bryant just completed an incredible 20-year career in the NBA, but his hard work ethic hasn't slowed down one bit.

Now that his attention has shifted from the basketball court, Bryant is staying very busy with his company, Kobe Inc. One of their first big moves is to cement the Black Mamba moniker as his.

Earlier today, ESPN's Darren Rovell reported that Kobe Inc. has filed to trademark the “Black Mamba” nickname.

Harry How/Getty Images
Harry How/Getty Images

The trademark was initially filed on May 2nd, and if it's accepted, Bryant will use the nickname on a variety of merchandize, including athletic clothing and shoes.

Rovell recounted how Bryant initially came up with the nickname:

Bryant named himself after the venomous snake from Africa after seeing “Kill Bill,” whose main character goes by the nickname.

“I read up on the animal and said, ‘Wow, this is pretty awesome,'” Bryant told the New Yorker in 2014. “This is the perfect description of how I would want my game to be.”

“What I am when I step on that court, I become that, I am that killer snake,” he told Ahmad Rashad last year.

The company has also filed trademarks for the phrases “HeroVillain,” “Create Forever,” “Dream Epic,” and “Friends Hang Sometimes, Banners Hang Forever.”

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