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Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma reacts to the Austin Rivers-Marcin Gortat trade

Austin Rivers, Kyle Kuzma

The first trade of the offseason featured Austin Rivers being sent to the Washington Wizards and Marcin Gortat going to the L.A. Clippers. It wasn’t much of a blockbuster trade, but Kyle Kuzma’s reaction is a sign of bigger things to come.

Via Twitter, rising star of the Los Angeles Lakers Kuzma, sent a reaction after the news broke out:

Fans quickly hunched that the next “domino” will be LeBron James. Though the Clippers are not really in the talks of the James free agency drama, maybe Kuzma knows a thing or two.

Others believe that the trade was a result of Gortat’s mini-feud with the rest of the Wizards. Perhaps the trade was an effort to preserve the chemistry among the Wizards.

On the other hand, this might be an effort to replace DeAndre Jordan who’s rumored to opt out of his contract and become a free agent. But if he opts in of is $24.1 million contract, rumors say that the Clippers are still going to trade him to another team.

To recall, several years ago, Jordan verbally agreed to sign with the Dallas Mavericks. But due to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin’s insistence, the big man stayed. Now with Paul and Griffin out, Jordan has full control of his fate. There’s not enough reason for him to stay with the Clippers anyway.