Famous actor Denzel Washington came in to address the Los Angeles Lakers this week, which prompted Dave McMenamin of ESPN to ask LeBron James what his top five Denzel movies are:

“Man on Fire,” “Remember the Titans,” “John Q,” “Training Day” and “He Got Game,” because, “Everybody wanted to be Jesus Shuttlesworth growing up. For me, personally, I did.”

That's a top-notch list. Of course, “He Got Game” tops his list. Every young basketball player who watched Ray Allen ball out as Jesus Shuttlesworth wanted to be Jesus Shuttlesworth. The Spike Lee flick features Washington as an incarcerated man who is temporarily released to convince his son to attend a college.

Allen plays Washington's son, the top-ranked basketball recruit in the country. It's an iconic basketball film, and James isn't the only person who wanted to be like Jesus. The climax of the film is a one-on-one game between Shuttlesworth and his father. It's one of the better basketball movies out there.

James' other choices are among the best movies on Washington's resume. “Remember the Titans” is another must-watch sports movie in which Denzel plays a coach of a Virginia high school football team undergoing integration.

LeBron James left out a few good ones off the list like “Glory” and “Inside Man,” but it's hard to narrow down the list to just five movies. James even told McMenamin that choosing his favorite Denzel movie is like choosing his favorite Jay-Z album.