Grammy Awards nominated hip-hop artist Travis Scott recently went a trip down memory lane during his days as a ball boy for the Houston Rockets. According to the renowned rapper, one of the highlights of his short-lived career as a ball boy was once meeting and getting an autographed ball from the late, great Los Angeles Lakers legend himself Kobe Bryant.

On a recent guesting on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Scott shared his experience of how he once “met Kobe [Bryant] there and he signed a ball for me.” Scott was still a kid in high school those days, so it isn't likely that Bryant remembered the chance encounter. Nevertheless, Scott himself considers it to be one of the most memorable moments of his stint with the Rockets.

Scott also relayed a similar story about Carmelo Anthony, who also seemed to have made a mark on a young Travis Scott:

“We wasn’t too much of a star-studded team at that time,” Scott said. “[Ball boys] weren’t supposed to talk to star athletes, but one day Melo [Carmelo Anthony] gave me his headband, signed his headband. Which is so funny, he probably doesn’t remember this.”

Interestingly, Scott also spoke about the unwritten “code of honor” between ball boys and players.

When asked by Kimmel about personal favors from the players, and as to which of them tipped most generously, Travis Scott was mum:

“Shout out all my ball boys out there,” Scott said with a laugh. “Y’all know what’s going down, man. Hold it down for the team players… We never tell.”

Needless to say, Scott has gone quite a long way since his time as a ball boy. As demonstrated by his rags-to-riches story, hard work certainly pays off.