Now that the Los Angeles Lakers have hired a new head coach, there remains the question: how will the players will be used efficiently and what type of system fits the current Lakers squad the best.

The Lakers were supposed to run a Princeton movement system under former coach Byron Scott, but with a lack of a talented roster of veterans and much of the team salary tied into Kobe Bryant, the results were poor, finishing the season at a dreadful 17-65.

Most assuredly the Princeton and everything set in place under Scott has and will be scrapped, and the lingering question has been thrown to newly hired head coach Luke Walton. Will the Lakers run the triangle offense? The offense the Lakers won a few championships under, but now seems to be outdated with the ever-changing play of the faster-paced new decade.

Walton gave his express answer to cure the curiosity of Lakers fans once and for all.


I don't think the triangles the most appropriate offense for the players that they have down there.


He says the style will be more of a Warriors type of basketball, with lots of ball movement and screens for open shots. However, the team is already looking like it's in great hands with Kerr at the helm, coming off a historic 73-9 season.