Matt Brown has been fighting in the UFC for a long time and knows the game better than most fighters. The welterweight was recently asked about the subject of win bonuses in MMA.

Pay in the UFC is broken up into show money, win bonuses, and performance bonuses. The idea was that forcing fighters to fight for their pay would help them be motivated to fight even harder. Matt Brown is not a fan of any of the bonuses.

“The performance bonus, even though I’ve gotten a few and it’s made my life a lot better, I’m not so much a fan of that,” Brown said on The MMA Hour. “Again, that’s a subjective thing. I like to take as much subjectiveness out of this as possible. I think that in a perfect world we’d all get a flat pay. There shouldn’t be a show and win.

“I got half of the pay last weekend and was there a loser in that fight? Even if they gave it to me — which they should have — and Barberena walks away with half, he didn’t deserve half of his pay. He deserves his whole pay.”

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Matt Brown is a reasonable man and is willing to find some sort of compromise. Fighters that have a long tenure in the UFC should have some sort of guaranteed pay.

“At a minimum, at least when you’ve had a certain amount of fights with the UFC or some sort of standard,” Brown said. “You’ve got this ranking or something where, ‘OK, you’ve earned your keep. We know you’re gonna put on good fights. We know that you’re here. We know that you’re professional.’ Because some of these guys, they’re not professionals, and even in the UFC there’s guys that probably aren’t deserving. But you show up, you make weight, you put on a good fight, things happen.

“This sport, you do all this work and all this training, preparation, the sacrifice, the grind, and then you get out there and some bulls*** happens. How often have we seen some fluke shit happen in this sport? It’s almost a weekly occurrence in this sport and now you just lost half your pay for that? Or bad judges, you know? You lose half your pay because of bad judging, which has happened to me more than once now.”