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MMA fighter uses sex toy to savagely troll opponent but lost the fight

Ewa Brodnicka, Aniela Bogusz, MMA, High League, sex toy

File this under Things You Thought You Would Never See. A female MMA fighter took psychological warfare to an entirely different level over the weekend after she savagely trolled her opponent.

During a promotional event of their MMA match in Poland, Ewa Brodnicka surprised everyone by taking out a sex toy and handed it to her opponent Aniela Bogusz. Clearly not appreciating the unexpected gift, Bogusz swiftly threw it back to Brodnicka. As expected, a scuffle followed, with both fighters getting hit before security personnel separated them.

Brodnicka, a world champion boxer who was making her MMA debut, obviously wanted a mental edge over the more experienced Bogusz. But her, um, bold plan massively backfired as she lost the fight via technical knockout in the third round.

It was sweet vindication for Bogusz, who’s now won back-to-back fights after making her debut last May. Taunting has always been part of the game in MMA, but some fighters go a little overboard, as in the case of Brodnicka.

But after the fight, the two MMA warriors were more diplomatic towards each other. On Instagram, Aniela Bogusz said she couldn’t believe that she won over a formidable opponent, while Ewa Brodnicka didn’t offer any excuse for the loss and even congratulated her opponent.

No sex toys were used in the fight.