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Most savage Packers-Vikings rivalry moments

Amongst the highly debated rivalries in the NFL, the Packers-Vikings surely should rank high amongst the greats. Both clubs have saw their fair share of grand, heroic-savoring moments. Where these moments align could be argued for years to come, with some spanning across the lengths of decades.

Here, we’ll focus on a select few that have been embedded in fans’ minds over the years.

1. Randy Moss (Oct. 5, 1998)

This particular moment may be a little ancient, but it set up the subsequent success of now–Hall of Famer Randy Moss. Moss went on to become a legend in his own right, capturing some of the most epic and iconic catches in NFL history.

His mark in the league however, started with the Minnesota Vikings. In his debut against the Packers as a rookie, Moss helped ensure the Vikings’ victory with 190 receiving yards on five catches that resulted in two touchdowns. One iconic game from the rookie set the tone for his legacy with the Vikings and for himself for years to come.

The Vikings went on to win that particular game 37-24.

2. Brett Favre…the record bombarder

Most of what was achieved by Favre was done during his glory days with the Packers. One of his most iconic record-breaking moments came at the unfortunate circumstances of the Vikings.

Favre and company went to battle against the Vikings on Sept. 30, 2007, and before the matchup was decided, Favre had already further cemented his legacy as a legendary quarterback in the first quarter. Coming into the game, he stood at one touchdown shy of most career touchdown passes behind Dan Marino with 420 touchdown passes. His 16-yard pass to Greg Jennings in only the first quarter sat him at the top of the list with 421.

In rightful ownership of that game, the Packers went on to win 23-16 at the once-more dominant performance of Favre with 344 yards thrown for two touchdowns. They finished atop the Vikings that year by a significant margin with a 13-3 record in the NFC North standings.

3. Favre saves the day again…for the Vikings?

Hall of Famer Brett Favre has the luxury of being loved by both Minnesota and Green Bay fans. He’d taken the Packers to victory in Super Bowl XXXI back in 1997, but now most of his years were behind him as he returned to play Green Bay donning the rivalrous purple and gold in 2009.

The vibes for Packers fans had to be comparable to seeing a former best friend that you still want the best for in life, especially after watching Favre be their savior for roughly 15 years of his career. Favre and the Vikings had already previously beaten the Packers almost a month ago in Minnesota, a contest in which he completed 24 of 31 passes for 271 yards to go along with three touchdowns for a final score of 30-23. Favre finished this game in similar fashion throwing for 244 yards along with four touchdowns.

His performance ensured the Vikings’ victory once more with a final score of 38-26. The Vikings would go on to compete for the NFC Championship Game that year, losing to the eventual-champion New Orleans Saints.