It has been an assumed fact in the past few years that both Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard and Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook don't have the best relationship despite being fellow stars in the NBA. However, Dame shot down those talks and decided to address the alleged beef between him and Russ.

Lillard and Westbrook have often been at the forefront of confrontation in the past, with their famed rivalry during the 2019 NBA playoffs serving as one of the most vivid memories. It was a true battle of the point guards that ensued, with Lillard becoming the victor that held the last words. The two spent most of the series combating each other with step-back threes in lockdown defense. Lillard, more times than not, came away as the winner of their individual battle.

That same energy carried over into January 2020, when the two shared a few words while Westbrook took to the free throw after drawing a foul. The end result was Lillard claiming, “You know I'm the last person you want to see in the playoffs.”

For all intents and purposes, it does the NBA world some justice to know that from at least one party, there's no bad blood between the two superstars and the conflict that transpired can simply be chalked up to two Alpha dogs being over competitive.

With all the offseason frenzy that's stirred about, Westbrook may be chatting it up with Lillard on another team at the start of next season. The nine-time NBA All-Star has made it known that he's currently unhappy with his role with the Rockets and reportedly wants out after only one season.