Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is out of the NBA Playoffs. But of course, that doesn't stop other people from talking about him. It comes with the territory of being one of the most fabled athletes in the history of sports.

Former NBA forward and now TV analyst Richard Jefferson, in particular, didn't mince words when he talked smack about LeBron. But he didn't end there. He also didn't hold back on Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry. Jefferson said neither of the two should be considered the best player in the NBA today, per GQ Sports.

“Neither of those f****** are the best. There’s guys that are far better than both of them. Maybe not far, but you would go Giannis (Antetokounmpo), (Nikola) Jokic, (Joel) Embiid. It all depends on season.”

It's worth noting that Jefferson played with both LeBron and Curry, even winning his one and only NBA title alongside The King in 2016. But he's always been an outspoken guy, and his past links to the two NBA icons didn't hinder him from speaking his mind.

“Who’s a better player right now? Well look, LeBron James is still a force, but he’s been balling, and his team keeps losing. So, these guys are old. These guys are dated. These guys are so like five years ago.”


LeBron put up another MVP-type campaign at 37 years old while Curry lifted the Warriors to the top tier of the Western Conference before going down with an injury. So, Jefferson might want to scale back a bit. Or not. Because where's the fun in that, right?