The Brooklyn Nets could go down as the scariest bottom seed of all-time. But Kevin Durant claims he doesn't see it that way.

KD was asked about whether he thinks teams are actively tanking to duck the Nets in the first-round and if he sees that as a “sign of respect”. Durant responded candidly that he doesn't believe the premise to begin with.

“I don't believe teams are doing that,” admitted the Nets star. “I think a lot of teams are just trying to make sure their guys are healthy going into the playoffs. I don't really think they're worried about us to be honest. So we're just focused on what we do and no matter who we play, we'll just play our game.”

It would've been surprising for Kevin Durant to say anything otherwise. But at least internally, the Nets surely believe they're a threat to the championship much more than virtually every seventh or eighth seed in NBA history.

They have proven superstars who've been there before, role players that have winning pedigrees, and a fully available Kyrie Irving now at their disposal. The top East teams surely wouldn't want to play the Nets in the first round.