Brandon Ingram was not going to let the New Orleans Pelicans lose on Saturday. The slithery wing made every decisive pass and big shot necessary to vanquish the Los Angeles Clippers for a monumental 122-114 win.

The victory placed them half a game behind the Clippers, right at the cusp of a top-six spot in a crowded Western Conference playoff race.

It's a far cry from where the team was two months prior, mired in a 10-game losing streak that felt like a flat-lining of their season that once showed so much promise of life.

“We played enough games this year,” said Brandon Ingram after the Pelicans win. “We've lost enough, we've won enough and we get better every single game. I'm happy with the group I got in the room every time I step on the floor.”

Brandon Ingram has seemingly taken his game to the next level. He tallied two triple-doubles over the past two weeks, the first two of his entire career. He's scored at least 26 points or more in each of the Pelicans' last seven games, six of which resulted in wins. That pushed him to become the Western Conference Player of the Week, and also thrusted New Orleans firmly back into the postseason race.

The Pelicans' ceiling almost solely depends on Zion Williamson's health and how far he can take them. Brandon Ingram is the team's steadying floor. Without him, the entire equation falls out of whack.

With four games left on the schedule, don't expect Ingram to let his foot off the gas.