New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball has endured the mockery of fans and fellow NBA players due to the odd-looking jump shot he carried into the league. While he’s vastly fixed it during his brief time with the Pelicans, it appears his form is lacking, even in the weight room.

The young point guard took to Instagram to share a video of his workout session, only to be brutalized by social media due to his awful form.

Legs unlocked, hips out of place, shoulders bucking back and forth, and elbows flying all over the place — to look at the first 12 seconds of this video is to witness all of Greg Oden’s and Grant Hill’s career injuries combined.

Ryen Russillo of The Ringer, the resident expert in all things workout, was kind enough to chime in, taking a casual dig at actor Matthew Modine:

Don’t get the Matthew Modine reference? This is where it gets good.

Modine received the same treatment during “The Rewatchables” a popular The Ringer podcast in which old films are often revisited.

Russillo cracked Modine’s lat pulldowns in the movie “Vision Quest,” noting the actor had “set lat pulldowns back a decade” with his awful gym performance.

“His lat pulldown form is the worst f***ing form in the history of lat pulldowns,” said Russillo. “It’s so incredibly bad. It was as if the contest was: who here on see wants to do this thing where it looks like you’re the least familiar with this exercise? And Modine’s like ‘I got it.'”

It seems the Pelicans guard will have some other form to fix this offseason, or he could be missing even more games than he has over his first three seasons due to some awful habits in the weight room.