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Phil Jackson reacts very calmly after Derrick Rose’s clutch jumper

phil jackson
Corey Sipkin/New York Daily News

The New York Knicks are now starting to find their groove and have won four of their last five games, climbing back to .500 with a 7-7 record.

On Tuesday night, the team had an impressive win at home against the Portland Trail Blazers and saw former MVP Derrick Rose hit a clutch jumper to increase their lead to four points with only 6.8 seconds left in the match. That shot proved to be the game-clincher and sealed the victory for the Knicks.

However, even as fans watching the game live at Madison Square Garden were ecstatic after Rose’s shot, team president Phil Jackson was noticeably calm and appeared unmoved by it.


It is truly difficult to impress someone who has seen it all and won 13 NBA championships in his career as a player and coach. Despite showing no emotions at his team’s win on Tuesday, it will be very interesting to see if Jackson changes his demeanor if the Knicks string a few more wins together and compete for a playoff spot as the season progresses.

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