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Rockets video: Houston’s Chris Paul gets up and throws down dunk off of son’s pass

From Lob City to Lob Family?

Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul doesn’t have a monopoly of good passing skills in his family. In a recently posted video on Paul’s Twitter account, he was seen on the receiving end of a perfectly-timed lob pass from – you guessed it – his son, Christopher Emmanuel Paul Jr..

It’s not always that we get to see the elder Paul sky high for a rim-rattler but anyone who’s closely followed his career knows that the Wake Forest alum possesses some hops. As for Paul Jr., he must have learned a lesson or two from watching his father execute countless fastbreak plays that ended in DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin dunks off of lob passes from the Point God during Paul’s days as an L.A. Clipper.

Chris Paul is now a Rocket though, bringing his exquisite dishes to the state of Texas, where he’ll likely continue throwing lob passes to the likes of Clint Capela and regular dimes to James Harden.

Paul Jr. just turned eight-years-old last May but if his father manages to play several more years and Jr. becomes good enough to be drafted in the pros, we might just see this father-and-son duo play in the NBA one day.