Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul has learned something from his recent suspension following his brawl with Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram. He's learned that getting suspended is expensive.

In fact, Paul's suspension was only two games compared to the three and four that Rondo and Ingram got respectively, but Paul's suspension was worth a lot more in dollars and cents. Paul is the highest paid player between the three by a wide margin and although the percentages in lost game checks are more or less equivalent, Paul lost a much greater sum of money.

The two sides seem to be moving past the ugly brawl between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers. That being said, when they meet again, there is sure to be some bad blood between the two sides. Houston and Los Angeles will meet three more times before this season is over. On Dec. 13 and Jan. 19, the two teams will play in Houston before finally returning to the scene of the crime on Feb. 21 — Staples Center.

Although it's far too early to have a sense of how the playoff picture will shake out in the Western Conference, a Lakers-Rockets matchup is definitely a possibility. The Rockets should wind up as a top seed in the first round and the Lakers look like they'll be fighting for a spot from anywhere between the five and eight seed.

A first-round matchup is a distinct possibility and there's no doubt that a Rondo-Paul matchup would make for insane basketball in a seven-game series.