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Shawne Merriman breaks down upcoming Lights Out XF card

Shawne Merriman

Shawne Merriman is the owner of the aptly named Lights Out Xtreme Fighting MMA promotion. The former Football star is promoting MMA and has a card coming up on October 30.

The event is headlined by three title fights and features some veterans that are very familiar to most MMA fans. The event sees former UFC fighter Albert Morales take on Victor Henry in a bantamweight title defense.

“A lot of fans will recognize some of these names,” Shawne Merriman told ClutchPoints. “I’m waiting to see Albert Morales and Victor Henry. I think that one is just gonna be a smoke show. I think these guys are gonna get after it. You know what, when there are three title defenses or any title on the line, the mood and the intensity kind of changes. Even with the fans. It is very tense. We sold out already. So we’re really excited about that.”

The three title fights make the event a stacked one. Usually, cards are headlined by one or two title fights at most.

“We got a lot of making up to do since the pandemic,” Merriman said. “I’m fortunate enough to work out with with a lot of these guys too and being in the same gym as them and I’m kind of off on the side doing my light sparring and feeling good. You see these guys training even throughout the whole pandemic up until now and just waiting for an opportunity to get after it. So that was the only way we can really stack it in one night because it’s gonna be a showdown.”

Lights Out recently got a TV deal with FuboTV and the partnership will allow more viewers to watch the fight. The deal starts with the upcoming fight card.

Regional MMA has had issues with people being able to watch the fights, even Shawne Merriman experienced the problem. This partnership is set to help Lights Out XF avoid that problem.

“That was something that was eyed on for a while and I was talking to Fubo for close to a year before we got that done. Obviously, the pandemic threw everybody off and trying to catch back up again. To have Fubo as a partner has been great because — me being from Prince George’s County, Maryland going to the University of Maryland. I would always get asked when I go back home for football games or to see my family. ‘Hey, man, we can’t watch it. We can’t watch it out here. We can’t watch. How can we see it?’ So now everyone, everyone can see it. Both nationally and internationally. So Fubo has been great. We’re actually right now top three most-watched sport on Fubo. We have 209,000 people to watch the last fight which is you know, just next level so we’ll continue to grow with Fubo. They’re aggressive and getting content and getting sports and getting eyeballs and I just I love that. It was the perfect fit.”

There are a lot of great fights on the card and Shawne Merriman has a clear favorite. Every fight is good but there’s one that stands out in particular.

“That Albert Morales-Victor Henry fight. I’m really really looking forward to watching these guys. First of all, if you look up and down this card, even the ones that are not a title fight. This card is stacked with very, very well-known and up-and-coming talent. But for me it’s the Albert Morales fight he’s our LXF champ right now and if you look at that fight they’re gonna come out swinging. I don’t see that one going all the way. So I’ll be fun I’ll be front and center for that one. That’s where the love and the fan in me come out. I’ll be able to get the cage for that one.”

LXF 6 takes place on October 30 and will be available to watch on Fubo Sports Network from FuboTV.